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Afficheur De Prix ZQ-VFD2600

The customer display series is compatible with the Epson mode, with a three-level adjustable height. The power supply adapter is optional.

EPSON emulation compatible

Support Chinese character & graphic displaying

3 level pole for length adjusting

Adaptor of wide power input range for easy using

Aluminum housing and fanless design.

Customized main board with few cable connections makes neat frame


Zonerich Customer Pole display is widely used in kind of POS solutions :

Hospiality solutions

Retail Cashier Systems

Car Parking Systems


Display Method Vacuum Fluorescent Display
Display Type 24(Lines) x 120(Columns)
Language Supported English
Characters Font 10 Characters/line (Font: 12X12)

20 Characters/line (Font: 6X12)

Character Set 96 ASCll
Emit Color Green
Drive Mode Dynamic
Audio No
Emulation EPSON, Nortriake, futaba, PL-200, UTC Standard, ENHANCE, AEDEX, ADM788, DSP800, CD5220 (PTC),LOGIC, POS7300, UTC, EMAX
Elevation 0-90 °
Ports 1x USB, 1XRS232(0r:>tional)
COM Port(Optional) Baud rate from 2400BPS to 19200BPS (9600BPS as default)
Power DC 12V, 1A
Power Consumption <4W
Environment Work Temp. and Humidity: -10-55°C, 35-85%RH
Storage Temp. and Humidity: -20-65°C, 10-85%RH
Height Supported 170mm, 170+120mm, 170+120+120mm
Display Panel Sizes 206x118x283mm
Display Base Sizes 206x118x403mm
Package Sizes 206x118x523mm
Weight 1.0kg

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